Ink pads are amazing, with a huge variety of colours and types to choose from, they give us every option for our stamping, inking, blending and backgrounds
and help us to create the artwork we desire. 


Ink sprays are fabulous for creating backgrounds, using for Letterpress techniques, changing the colour of items such as ribbons, flowers, fabrics as well as paper & card. There is, again, a huge choice - some are water-based, some permanent and some that contain shimmer & sparkle.

Paints - luscious, liquid colour. Journal pages come alive, stencils & stamps love them, canvasses need them. Paint, splash, splatter - however you choose to use - but life's more colourful with paint.
Silky smooth acrylics, subtle dusky chalk finishes, thick heavy bodied acrylic - 
whichever you choose - you'll love your art more with paint.

Pens are brilliant.
Lettering, colouring, highlighting, all need great pens or pencils.
We've got a lot; from creamy pencils and dramatic graphite, to shimmering gel pens, glazes and
glow in the dark moonlights and beautifully inky watercolour brush pens:
they're all here for you.