Insomniac at large

October 2, 2010 Gwen Fletcher 9 comments

I can’t quite believe that when I finally manage to conquer my techno phobia and start to create a blog, that it is 4:40am. I have been meaning to do this for sooooo long, you wouldn’t believe and finally, after much encouragement from my friends and after lying awake for hours thinking about it, here I am. Wooohoooo!!!
I think I have created about six blogs. all of which have disappeared into the ether. So, if you don’t catch me on this one, there are more out there.
So, I am excited now to begin sharing my crafty life with you. I hope to be able to inspire some of you and be inspired by others and share ideas and creativity.
Here goes!

9 Comments on “Insomniac at large

  1. Wow Gwen I am impressed. A talented ( and addicted) stamper like youself should be seen more. I laway senjoy your work and will look forward to see more of you in blogland. However still looking to getting you over to the studio to play some time soon.

  2. Well congratulations, you've gone for it! No longer will I have to hang around with my camera getting shots of your creations, if I've not been on the workshop (unlikely I know) I can see them here! Brilliant! Good luck with it all.


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